AmeriMasala believes in the ‘Replacement Theory'” says Johnson. “We theorize if hate, racism, and willful ignorance was replaced with things like love, compassion, empathy, respect, and knowledge, the world would be immeasurably better.” 

Watch out for AmeriMasala 2024, July 20th. We’re really looking forward to continuing bring the most original, unique multi-disciplinary arts and education in Erie’s history.

The AmeriMasala is biting at the bit to continue to bring you the most unique, colorful, multi-disciplinary arts and education Erie has ever seen.

Here is some photos from this past summer’s festival with a couple from ’22 to people that wasn’t there see what they missed.

I guess having 15-20ft tall body puppets ducking under stop lights, 15 ft long dragons, stilt-walkers, art and puppets made by a growing hometown participants accompanied by New Orleans-style marching band in the front…an West African dance/drum ensemble in the middle…and a 20 member all-female Afro-Brazilian Samba group coming up State street isn’t enough for the ERIE READER to mention AmeriMasala as on of the most memorable events in Erie.

Whatever ER…the people there have it seared in their minds…which is what matters to us anyway.

It’s impossible for photos to transfer “the vibe” you can feel at our signature event. You just gotta be there.

Ink in Saturday, July 20th on your calendar.